• Herb Brown (Reuben; March 11-31) studied with Max Beckmann, among others, in New York. His style is Expressionist, sometimes abstract, very New York aware. The standout of the show is a series which the artist says "revolves around the figure," which is like describing the wildly inventive and erotic carvings on the houses of Kathmandu as "architectural decorations". The sexuality is plain-painted, swift on the messings of offbeat pigment, and to describe them would imply a sociologizing or Laurentian point of view; an exuberance would be lost, a humorlessness gained. They describe prowess and pleasure, with the rapid organic change of a story going the rounds, or a physical act. A series about the city only sometimes solves the problem of connecting or not connecting a post-Guston Grid to a slickly overcast sky. Oil-on-paper drawings, some of dead puppets ("blood lends itself to my pigment") are also shown.

    - James Schuyler
    ARTnews, March 1960

  • Exhibitions: One-man and selected group shows.

    1950: Cooper Union Gallery, NY.
    1951: Nonagon Gallery, NY.
    1960: March Gallery, NY.
    1960: Rueben Gallery, NY.
    1961: March Gallery, NY - Involvement Show
    1963: Karlis Gallery, Provincetown, MA.
    1964: Karlis Gallery, Provincetown, MA.
    1965: Gertrude Stein Gallery, NY (Subway Posters Overpainted)
    1968: U.S. of Erotica Gallery, NY.
    1975: Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra University, NY.
    1975: Organization of Independant Artists, Bologna, Italy (a touring exhibition).
    1978: Park Avenue Squash and Racquet Club, NY.
    1980: Abreau Gallery, NY.
    1985: Limbo Lounge, NY.
    1985: Rainbow Collection Gallery, NY.
    1986: Mokotoff Gallery, NY.
    1986: Neo Persona Gallery, NY.
    1987: Sensory Evolution Gallery, NY.
    1987: Tradition 3 Thousand Gallery, NY.
    1988: 10 Worlds Gallery, NY.
    1993: Galerie Sechzig, Feldkirck, Austria.
    1995: Neue Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst, Berlin (NO!art Show).
    1998: Janos Gat Gallery, NY (subway posters overpainted).
    1999: Janos Gat Gallery, NY (subway posters overpainted).
    2001: BLOCK Museum, Evanston, IL (NO!art and the Aesthetics of Doom)
    2002: Museum of Art, Iowa City, IA (NO!art and the Aesthetics of Doom)
    2003: NO!art in BUCHENWALD — Boris Lurie: Geschriebigtes ..., Stuttgart
    2009: BLT Gallery, NY - "Wiser Than God" Group show.
    2010: BLT Gallery, NY - "Herb Brown: Paintings & Video Works From The 1960s".

    2010: NYSCA Individual Artist Grant - "Oil & TV", seminal multimedia video work from the early 1960s ( following recognition by the Experimental Television Center)